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SelFormers – unique hybrid checkout

Each of us has been in a situation where the queue at the checkout was endless. The cart is full, you can’t see any movement, but you can definitely see the growing rage in the eyes of all the companions of this misery. Nevertheless, of the five checkout counters, only one is working at full speed. Finally, a hero appears, whose frustration has led to a sudden surge of courage. He exclaims: “Can you open a second checkout, please?”


Not very pleasant everyday shopping

Unfortunately, the above scenes are still commonplace in many Polish supermarkets, especially in several well-known chains of medium-sized food and industrial discount stores. The number of employees in a given shift is limited and there are many works to be done. Therefore, compromises and proper segregation of responsibilities are necessary. The result is a not appropriate number of working cashiers in relation to the customers waiting in the queue. The checkout counters themselves, despite the fact that they are numerous, are usually empty, because proper training is required to operate them.



How to improve service in retail?

It turns out that with the appropriate store infrastructure, each customer can become their own cashier and use registers that are not currently operated by an employee. The SelFormers hybrid checkout manufactured by the Polish company SelfMaker is a device that successfully replaces traditional cash registers, while being the most modern self-service checkout at the same time. Thanks to the reversible 15 inch screen, SelFormers can very quickly switch from cashier mode to self-service mode. This screen can also be tilted vertically, which allows convenient operation by customers of various height and by disabled people using wheelchairs.

These are not all the amenities of this type of cash register. The checkout software has been equipped with an increased contrast mode for the visually impaired. Deaf people also feel more comfortable when using this type of solutions, because it allows you to avoid awkward situations in contact with cashiers.

The equipment also includes a barcode scanner and a payment terminal. The whole thing is closed in an elegant, compact body.



Self-checkout vs. SelFormers

You could say that for a long time we have been encountering self-service checkouts in shops, and  that they also unload queues. It is true. However, their purpose is different. Usual self-service checkouts supplement traditional stands and are an addition to the existing infrastructure. You need to find a place for them, which is not always possible. SelFormers replaces traditional checkouts located at the checkout line, leaving the possibility of normal cashier service as before, but also allowing easy operation by the customers themselves. Moreover, the customers are eager to use this type of solution – approximately 77% of respondents declare that they are willing to use self-service checkouts in order to reduce the time spent in queue.



A real convenience

SelFormers is a revolution on the self-checkout market. A convenient and innovative solution, which is also financially attractive in comparison with the costs of implementing traditional cash registers accompanied by several self-service devices. The successful use of these kiosks can change the image of many retail outlets, what already started to happen. Some time ago, SelFormers cash registers were placed in Rossmann drugstore outlets in Warsaw, Lublin, Białystok and more. You can read about it on SelfMaker blog:


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